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Fehr and Square Construction Ltd. offers architectural drafting services and custom home plans.

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The Design Process
Using our extensive design expertise and 3D CAD programs, we will produce detailed drawings of your project. Then working together we will go through a process that siphons your wants and needs into a design that fulfills those requirements. All the while we will work hard to keep your budget in mind so the designs we come up with can become reality.

What you can do to help?
During this process we will work closely with you to find out what your goals for the project include. Upon completion of the preliminary drawing, we will meet to discuss how to proceed. We’ll ask lots of questions, record your answers and then apply what we’ve learned to your project. The more information you can supply will save time, save money, and will help clarify for us what your goals are. The sort of information that is helpful includes:

  • Written lists of your needs and wants as well as what you don’t want.
  • Gather a scrapbook of notes, photos, and articles that you have collected.
  • Get together with your family and ask them for their input and wish lists.
  • Come up with a budget you can live with.
  • Lists of web sites with comments about what you like and don’t like.
  • Descriptions of items in your home that you want to include in the design including kitchen appliances, furniture, cabinets, etc.
  • Pictures of other houses with notes describing what you like.
  • Any other information about the project.
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Step 2. Initial Design Concepts
We will ask questions and review the information that you have gathered about your project. Armed with this information, We will produce some preliminary designs focusing on form and function as we apply your input to the drawing. During this process we will send you layouts of the project as well as 3D Renderings for your review. Once we have enough to show you, we will either meet again or we will do an online conference to go over the concepts. If we have managed to capture what you want in the concepts, we will move to the next step. If not, we will work on more concepts until we arrive at a plan that works for you.

Step 3. Refining the Plan
With a firm understanding of the concepts, the next step is to start adding more detail to the plan. At this point, I’ll add more accurate textures, windows, doors, etc. to the plan. It may also be beneficial to work together on the plan to make changes and discuss the details that are added. You can be a part of the design process if you desire. We’ll continue to move through this stage of the process until we both agree that the plan is coming together with the ideas that work for you.

Step 4. The Working Drawings
Once the plan is at a point where it works for you, we will proceed to detailing it for the working drawings. We will create the framing sections, add notes, dimensions, callouts, and everything else that will be required for the building contractor and to obtain permits. During this process we may consult with your interior designer or kitchen and bath designers to get their input to detail the plan to their specifications. Upon completion of the working drawings, We will send a PDF file of the plan to you and to a print shop. They will produce the plan sets that you need for the project or we can supply the printing of the plans.

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A standard set of residential drawings includes:
  • foundation plan
  • main floor plans
  • elevations
  • cross sections
We can also include:
  • 3D color renderings
  • walk through videos
  • electrical layout
  • remodeling / as-built drawings
  • landscaping drawings
  • custom details
  • reverse plans
  • plot plans
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